Grumpy hamster

This is one of my Inktober drawings I turned into a painting. Some days, especially when I don’t have to work for a few days, I really want to just draw/paint something random, and last week it become this!

2016-01-02 13.39.27

Here’s the original drawing. A quick brush pen drawing of an old hamster.

I just got at it with some brushes I got from Chris Oatley. I always struggled to paint digitally, but those brushes were great and helped me find a totally new way of painting!

2016-01-02 22.17.36

Here’s some work in progress. Still some line art left. Eventually, all line art was gone, which also is something I am not really used to do. But I like the more painterly style!

HamsterxThe thing is that I just started to paint away. I wasn’t thinking about the overall composition and was not too happy with the composition on this final piece. So it was time to play around!

And here’s the final piece then: an old hamster walking around in the hamster nursing home and quietly judging all your life choices.

Hamstercomposition changesb

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