Happy New Year!

First of all, I want to wish you all a very happy New Year! May it be merry, and bright, and full of hope, friendship, and love.

In that spirit, I also wanted to make a bright and happy New Year’s painting. And as not everyone’s New Year is centred around a big party, I wanted to create a quiet loving moment. Unconsciously, I ended up drawing the two main characters for “you color my life“, in a moment they would really enjoy together.

NY 2016finalc.jpg

I started off with a quick sketch, and used this very crude drawing as a start. The main idea was to keep an intimate moment.

NY 2016.jpg

As you can see, it’s super rough! I ended up changing the setting a little bit, and some of the pose, but the main idea did remain.

NY 2016b.jpg

From there on, I made some of colour comps. I wanted something warm, to reflect the warm moment the two of them are sharing.

NY 2016c.jpg

And man, oh, man, was it hard to choose one! I thing every one of them has some points I love, and some I don’t. The pink one, for example, was a bit too pink for me, but still it was the one catching my eye the most. I love the one on the bottom right as well, because it’s so different. But in the end I went with the golden theme, for a golden moment.

NY 2016gold.jpg

And so I made a few more variations. I loved the gold, but I still wanted to have the warmth radiate off of our lovely couple, rather than off the whole environment. That’s why I experimented with cooler colours, or a less saturated background. So here’s the colour comp I finally choose


And the final painting!


And a few details for you, as well.


The beginning of a new year. This often implies lots of grand plans, and resolutions. But to me quiet moments with my loved ones are so important as well. So, don’t forget your loved ones in your 2017 plans!

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