Nana’s Cows

Nana’s Cows is a 20-page, full colour comic for kids about loss and grief. It’s dedicated to my Oma, whom I lost while drawing this story, and it talks about cherishing the memories we have of loved ones we lose while we grieve.

When Olivia gets taken out of class because her Nana is really sick, she cries all the way to her grandparents’ farm. After a long drive, Olivia is just in time to say goodbye before her Nana passes away. The next day on the farm is quiet and sad. While the adults are busy with adult things, Olivia is left alone to roam the farm. There, she finds exactly what she has been looking for…

This story is currently updating on my Webtoon. Or you can get the full PDF by becoming a patron, or buy a hard copy on my Etsy store.

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