Business cat – uhm – card

As part of the idea to go for a deeper focus on character design in my portfolio and general branding, I wanted to make a matching business card! This perfectly fitted with an assignment of my evening courses for which we were asked to develop an original business card. The idea was to make something that went beyond the very classic business card format.

It goes without saying that I made mine a cat! And a 3D cat, to be more precise. So, here’s my final piece.


It started with sketches of a boxy cat.


And some colour comps.

Finally, I landed on this design, but I found it flat, and not very much alive. That is why I had some fun with watercolours. Watercolours are one of my favourite analogue mediums! I love the textures and effects one can get out of it. So here are some random and less random watercolour blobs I made.

And once more, just for your fun, the final piece! I just got my first SLR camera this month, so you can probably imagine how much fun I’m having shooting all these photos!


For those that still aren’t convinced of my love of cats, here are some cats I printed in the last months!


If you would like something similar – be it with a cat, or any other character, animal, or object, or whatever – let me know (, and we’ll work something out!

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