The Little Monks’ 200th comic

Here’s another milestone to celebrate! Tomorrow (7th of March 2016) the 200th page is being published on my ongoing web comic The Little Monks. It’s been a rollercoaster 100 pages and the last half year has been absolutely filled to the rim with learning, exploring, and getting better at stuff!

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a recurring heart’s background (the one on this page), and I saw that the last page I used it in was, coincidentally, page 100. So I opened up that file, and wow! I really did not expect that there would be such a big difference in that time. Have a look at a my 100th and 200th, just for fun!


Page 100


Page 200

It is so great to be able to see that in a few months, there really is some progress. And what I really like about the more recent pages are the facial expressions. I often start laughing at how ugly my character can look (which is, of course, totally done on purpose). So here’s a comp of funny faces of the last 100 pages – sometimes I wish I had some of them as emoticons.


Last, but not least, some exciting news! I have written every comic page until the very last one, and it looks like the story is slowly coming to its end. For now, I forecast 37 more pages to go until the end! I am planning on updating every weekday (Monday through Friday) starting from the 2nd of May, to finish with a bang on the 31st of May. Be ready for some suspense!

For now, just a little sneak peek at my progress tracking file for your pleasure!

progress track

But no worries, as the end is nearing, the next comic projects are already taking form into my head, so more exciting stuff to come! The next Commander Mango story is already written, for example. I hope to finish that one this fall!

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