Help me get published!

The last couple of months I’ve been working my ass off to finish my entry, entitled “You color my life”, to the Yieha Young Talent Award (an award for young comic creators) . And I’m very proud to tell you that I got on to the final round! As you maybe might have guessed, the final round consists of a public voting round that is open from the 7th of October up until the 23th of October 2016.


Progress of one of the pages

So I’m making my puppy face, and I would like to ask you very kindly to pretty please vote for me. You can do this by clicking here or copy the link below, and it’s totally free! Fill out your email address, scroll down to find my entry and click on it, and than click “verstuur” and that’s all you need to do!


That’s the one you should vote on 🙂



After clicking my comic, you can enter your email address in the red box, and then click “Verstuur”!


Note for the English speaking folks that the entry on the award’s website is in Dutch. You can find the English version below.

What’s the story about?

“You color my life” is a contemporary love story that follows an adolescent girl who, by falling in love, needs to find who she truly is. Will she show her true colors so that other are able to unconditionally love her, or stay hidden behind a mask, comply with the social expectations and lose the boy she’s hopelessly in love with?

That’s the logline of the story. But for me, it’s mainly a story that comes from deep down in my heart and that I’m very proud of. For me, it’s both an tribute to the most loving boyfriend one could have, and to the most difficult lessons I’ve yet had to learn.

Below you can find the five pages that I used in my entry with English lettering!

Why vote?

Why should you vote for me, you ask? Because thanks to you I might actually get published! And it doesn’t cost you a thing. So here’s the url again:

And if I win, I’ll shower you with gifts. You can expect a huge give away of original artwork, and printed comics from my part!


Cover design



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