Commander Mango volume 2 is here!

Boy, have the last months been busy months. I moved to New Zealand, got a new, non-art job, and followed the most intense and fantastic art course in the history of art courses.

But that’s not all, I also finally managed to finish a new Commander Mango story!


And this certainly won’t be the last one. I have lots of other cat-related anecdotes floating around in my brain that would make GREAT Commander Mango stories. And if you have any interesting cat story of your own, don’t hesitate and share. It could as well end up in the new Commander Mango volume.


So what’s with this new story? As the first volume (Commander Mango and the Ghost Aliens), it’s an 8-page minicomic in full colour following the adventures of a heroic cat, that is saving the world from mind-controlling aliens. In this episode, Mango’s arch nemesis has conceived yet another cunning plan. Will he be able to escape it?


You can buy a PDF version of Commander Mango and the Malicious Tush here!

And if you want to (re)-read volume 1, Commander Mango and the Ghost Aliens, have a look over here.

Mango_v2 1-01

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